Food Connects Us All

TUMS captures the flavor of diversity at Walmart.



Sharing a meal is a wonderful way to bring people together. TUMS agrees. So together, we invited Walmart shoppers to have a seat at our table — a table set with rich cultural dishes — where they could meet new families, explore new flavors, and discover each other’s uniqueness.

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The idea that food can truly bring us together is more important than ever. 

Three diverse families generously welcomed us into their homes and shared their stories, cultures, and the traditional dishes that define who they are. Then, we introduced them to our shoppers, who were excited to try something different at their own tables. 

Cultural cuisines aren’t the barrier, indigestion is.

With a variety of traditional recipes — and TUMS offering the confidence to dig in — we made food the connection to new and diverse experiences.

Like any good meal, our digital engagement provided tasty treats for everyone: videos, recipes, and inspiration — so everyone could enjoy the diverse perspectives and flavors of other cultures.

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Piping Hot Reviews

Renee Harris

Omnichannel Marketing Lead - Walmart

I wanted to personally thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and leadership in the TUMS D&I project. I’m so thankful to have our partners to make the program meaningful and successful.

I’ve enclosed some table placecards with the hope you can share your hard work on this project over a dinner party with your family and friends. 

GSK Global Marketing

Awarded “Best Human Experience” at the 2020 GSK Global Marketing Excellence Awards. Congratulations Arc and TUMS, the first shopper program to win this award.

Walmart Marketing

Walmart Chief Diversity Officer called this program “Best in Class,” and added earned channel executions to their social and other digital tactics.

Walmart Shoppers

+35% online sales | +69% in-store sales | 47% new buyer sales

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