As shopper marketers, we know better than anyone how quickly the world around us can change. From new retailers to shifting audiences, emerging tech to changing retail media networks, this is a rapidly evolving industry that constantly keeps us on our toes.

“Commerce is changing as we speak and we need our people to be versed in all of the things to keep up with the pace,” explains Elizabeth Harris, Chief Strategy Officer at Arc Worldwide. “The smarter we are, the smarter and more innovative our work will be.”

Introducing Learning Time Off

That is, in part, why Arc is introducing official Learning Time Off (LTO) days—the first of their kind, industry-wide. Once a quarter we’ll close up shop, allowing each of us to dedicate our minds fully to professional growth, tapping into an impressive array of learning opportunities currently offered by Publicis Groupe and Arc.

Starting March 15, 2023, Arctypes can use designated LTO days to discover new technologies, learn a new skill, hone existing ones, and even catch up on compliance courses—all without the distractions and demands of the day-to-day.

“It is one thing to say, ‘we have all these things to learn’ and another to give people the gift of time free of emails and meetings to just sit and learn and grow,” says Harris.

Let's Get Growing

At Arc, we take great pride in being masters of our crafts and learning every single day. Now, with official, dedicated time set aside for professional growth, we’re thrilled to see how we can become even better versions of ourselves not only for our clients, but for each other.  

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