The Inclusivity Product Council (IPC), a multicultural peer resource group started by professionals from Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide, brought home a prestigious Mosaic Award in the Workforce Inclusion category from the American Advertising Foundation (AAF). 

This award honors organizations and individuals who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and leverage the power of advertising and media to promote systemic change. And as we at Arc and Leo know, that’s sort of the IPC’s thing.

The council was created nearly four years ago in response to a period of intense cultural change, and it is powered by diverse employees who review communications at all stages through the lens of sensitivity and inclusion. The council provides input with the ultimate mission of creating culturally fluent, relevant, and empathic work that reflects the diverse identities of society.

To say this recognition is a big deal is a big understatement. “It is an honor to receive this award which acknowledges our commitment and efforts to fostering a more inclusive industry,” said Melissa Healy, SVP of Employee Belonging and Participation and IPC co-lead at Leo Burnett. “We are dedicated to understanding and embracing the nuanced identities of our folks because it enriches our organization and drives us to deliver the industry’s finest work.”

Only four years after the IPC’s establishment, their value has been proven time and time again through the exceptional work both agencies produce.

“IPC allows us to push for change from the inside out,” said Erienne Byers, Senior Strategist at Arc Worldwide and IPC member. “It ensures the work we do enters the world from an authentic and inclusive perspective.”

That authenticity is an integral part of doing what we do. Because work created from an authentic, human place empowers both creator and shopper to show up as their true selves. 

Alma Klein, Senior Vice President, Creative Director at Arc, understands the IPC’s invaluable contributions to our agencies. “When we incorporate input from the IPC, our work gets even stronger, leading to industry awards for both efficacy and inclusion,” she said.

And big snaps to Geraldine White, Publicis Groupe’s Chief Diversity Officer, who was also recognized as Mosaic Champion for her exceptional leadership in diversity, equity, and inclusion within the industry. We’ve always known she’s a champion. Now it’s official.

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