Since its inception in 1997, The Moth’s purpose has been clear—to provide storytellers with the freedom and encouragement to share their truth and connect with others. 

Now, over 25 years later and in the booming age of TikToks and podcasts, The Moth continues to champion truth and authenticity from its storytellers, simultaneously honoring the diversity and commonality of the human experience. And that’s exactly why the award-winning Untold Beauty program created by Arc Worldwide for Unilever and Walgreens felt like a seamless extension of The Moth’s endeavor. 

While the $92.79 billion dollar Health and Beauty industry may be experiencing a makeover, showcasing inner beauty and more inclusivity, minority groups are still being featured in less than 20% of advertising. So, Unilever and participating brands Vaseline, Shea Moisture and Dove partnered with Arc to create a shopper platform that enabled fresh faces and multicultural shoppers to see themselves in the aisles of Walgreens across America. 

Like The Moth depends on the powerful voices of its storytellers, Untold Beauty depends on the amplification of the voices of multicultural micro influencers, both digitally and on shelf at Walgreens to share their own stories around beauty, in their own words. 

“This partnership was interesting to The Moth because the brands involved have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to telling a wide range of stories from a wide range of storytellers,” says Heather Colvin, Sr. Manager Brand Partnerships, The Moth.

Now, those same shoppers are being encouraged to bring their previously untold stories to The Moth StorySLAMs, which started September 19, 2023. The Moth invites them to share a five-minute story about the unexpectedly stunning or unpredictably gorgeous and embracing the entire self in a celebration of feeling truly seen in the culture they help shape and create.

“We're working with people who are sharing stories where they're vulnerable and raw and real,” says Colvin. “In the MothWorks workshop that's part of this partnership, we heard stories where tellers were rewriting the rules, redefining standards, and breaking down barriers."

Content captured during Moth Storytelling workshops with Walgreens shoppers and Beauty & Wellness Consultants will be supported with Unilever paid media.

The sold-out Chicago StorySLAM was a huge success.

Join the chorus of voices, or simply sit back and let the stories unfold around you at The Moth StorySLAMs in New York and Miami: 

·       New York: 7:15pm, 10/2, The Bell House, 149 7th St.   

·       Miami: 6pm, 10/5, Sandrell Rivers Theater, 6103 NW 7th Ave.

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